Protect the exodus Sinhala population due to separatist terrorist threats and attacks.




Irrigation tanks and canals are restored in the northern, eastern and north central provinces to make irrigation facilities available to the arid but fertile fields in these provinces in order to make them highly productive and thus to alleviate poverty.
Agriculture loans are granted to cultivators living in villages affected by the LTTE terrorism to cultivate their fields and to purchase agriculture in puts. These cultivators are also provided with agricultural implements when ever possible and loans are also provided to purchase water pumps. They are also assisted with the construction of agricultural wells when deemed necessary.
Assistance is given to resettle villagers abandoned as a result of LTTE threats and attacks in the northern, eastern and north central province of Sri Lanka. Families who resettle are provided with dry rations when ever possible to encourage the process of resettlement. Assistance is also provided to built houses, community centres, roads, pre-schools and place of religious worship in these resettled villages.
Educational scholarships are given to needy children in the villages affected by the LTTE terrorism and pre-school education is encouraged with the payment of salaries to pre-school teachers. Assistance is also given to orphanages providing educational facilities to children from villages affected By LTTE terrorism.
Medical camps are organized and conducted on a periodical basis in villages affected by LTTE terrorism and assistance is also given to families in these villages to construct water sealed toilets in an effort to alleviate the standard of health and sanitation.

The Armed Forces and Police personnel serving in the front lines are provided with appropriate gifts on a regular basis to improve their morale and fighting spirit to defend the unity and territorial integrity of our motherland. Soldiers disabled in action are provided with artificial limbs etc. on request.


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We invite you too to join hands with us to implement future Thawalama Projects in terrorist affected villages in the strategic areas with a view to bring relief to the suffering people by ushering in prosperity through poverty alleviation.

The implementation of such projects will reverse the present exodus of the Sinhala population living in these strategic areas to other parts of the country and thus contribute to protect and preserve the unity and territorial integrity of our motherland for posterity.

Projects implemented by Thawalama Development Foundation