Protect the exodus Sinhala population due to separatist terrorist threats and attacks.
Project Meeyangoda
Project Summary
20 and 21 of Sep. 1999
Divisional Secretariat
Project Implemented
Inspection of tank under restoration and to give levels for bulldozers to fill tank bund.
Project Value
Rs. 1,000,000/-


I have pleasure in enclosing two International Money Orders for a total amount of Canadian Dollars 400/- contributed by the following persons for the work undertaken by the Foundation.
  • Mrs. Tilaka de Zoysa = Cdn. $ 100.00
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mahinda Gunasekera = Cdn. $ 300.00

We have been deeply touched by the gravity of the situation of the civilians in the forward areas and at the same time inspired by the commitment and effort to meet these challenges by volunteers such as yourself and other persons involved with your organization.

Mr. Mahinda Gunasekera
84, Tambrook Drive
Agincourt, Ontario
Canada M1W 3L9

13th March 1997