Protect the exodus Sinhala population due to separatist terrorist threats and attacks.
Irrigation Projects
Divisional Secretariat
Project Implemented
02nd & 03rd of March 2003 Ampara Maha Oya Nuwaragalatenna Inspection the progress of the Nuwaragalatenna Tank restoration.
08th & 09th of March 2002 Trincomalee Gomarankadawala Kuda Kandamalawa Inspection the progress of the Kuda Kandamalawa Tank restoration.
20 and 21 of Sep. 1999 Anuradhapura Padaviya Kohombagaswewa Inspection of tank under restoration and to give levels for bulldozers to fill tank bund.
7, 8, 9th Aug. 1999 Ampara Maha Oya and Damana Nuwaragalatenna and Bathmittiyawa

• Handing over of three hoses built with funds founded by Mr. P. B. Liyanage.

• Inspecting the restoration of Nuwaragalatenna Tank.

• Inspecting the restoration of Bathmittiyawa Tank.

• Inspecting the construction of school building at Bathmittiyawa.

• Organizing a trip for 40 children in Bathmittiyawa to Kandy and Colombo.

Projet Value :Rs. 257,000/-

No. of Families : 243

25, 26th Aug. 1999 Trincomalee Gomaranakadawala Pamburugaswewa and Bakmeegama • Restoration of tank bunds and repairs of village roads, etc.

• Dry rations and commodities for villagers, school children and bikkhus.

Projet Value :Rs. 453,000/-

No. of Families : 220
8, 9th Jun. 1999 Ampara Maha Oya Nuwaragaltenna and Peruwelithalawa • Sramadhana to restore Peruwelithalawa Tank bund.

• Construction of 7 houses at Nuwaragaltenna.

Projet Value :Rs. 207,000/-

No. of Families : 200
13, 14th Feb. 1999 Anuradhapura Horowpathana and Padaviya Tirrapankadawala, Palugaswewa, Kammelliyawa, Veherawewa, Konwewa, Kohombasawewa and Navagaswewa. • Construction of 1st stage of canal to Padaviya with a CT 120 Excavator.

• Sharamadana to clear the site of an ancient temple.

Projet Value :Rs. 235,000/-

No. of Families : 125
30, 31st Oct. 1999 Ampara Maha Oya and Damana Nuwaragalatenna and Bathmittiyawa • Inspection on restoration work in progress on the tank.

• Construction of the school building at Bathmittiyawa.

• Inspection on restoration work in progress at the Nuwaragalatenna tank.

Projet Value :Rs. 70,000/-

No. of Families : 243
4, 5th of Jan. 1998 Anuradhapura and Trincomalee Kepthigollewa and Gomarankadawala Thalapakattiyagama and Kevulekadawala. • Cultivation of 10 acres in Thalapakattiyagama and 100 acres in Kevulekadawala.
• Providing Rs. 3,500/- as cultivation expenses for each acre on a loan basis.

Projet Value :Rs. 383,000/-

No. of Families : 58
23rd May 1998 Anuradhapura Kebethigollewa and Padaviya Thalapakattiyagama and Elapathwewa. • Cultivation of 12 acres of paddy in Thalapakattiyagama and 45 acres of paddy in Elapathwewa.

Projet Value :Rs. 1,532,000/-

No. of Families : 58
27, 28th Sep. 1997 Anuradhapura Padaviya Nawagaswewa

• Restoration of village tank.

• Distribution of dry rations.

Projet Value :Rs. 62,000/-

No. of Families : 14

16, 17, 18th Feb. 1996 Anuradhapura Horopatana Thirippankadawala • Construction of 1 km of feeder canal to bring water to the thirippankadawala Wewa from Yan Oya.

Projet Value :Rs. 1,000,000/-

No. of Families : 145



Meeyangoda Project
Restoration of the Nuwaragalatenna tank
Restoration of tank bunds at Gomaranakadawala
Restore Peruwelithalawa Tank bund
Construction of 1st stage of canal to Padaviya
Restoration of Nuwaragalatenna & Bathmittiyawa Tank
Restoration of village tank at Nawagaswewa, Padaviya
Construction of of feeder canal to the thirippankadawala Wewa from Yan Oya
Cultivation at Thalapakattiyagama and Kevulekadawala.
Cultivation at Thalapakattiyagama and Elapathwewa.
Handing over of dry rations and gifts at Maha Oya and Uhana in Ampara
Presentation of gold plated Buddha statue to the Devale at Wadinaagala.
Handing over of 5 houses built at Maha Oya in Ampara
Donation of dry rations, clothes, etc., at Padaviya
Health camps at Thambalagamuwa in Trincomalee
Distribution of dry rations to the resettlement project at Padaviya
Distribution of dry rations to settler families at Padaviya
Construction of 4 houses at Nuwaragalatenna, Maha Oya
Repairs to the approach road to the Bathmittiyawa village in Ampara
Construction of a road to Maha Thimbirigaswewa in Trincomalee
All night Pirith ceremony and Heel Dana at Gomarankadawala
Cleaning of the approach road to the Pamburusawewa village in Trincomalee
Construction of 50 houses and drinking water wells at Shasthriwila, Lahugala in Ampara
Distribution of dry rations to Weli Oya, Padaviya
Donating a computer to 2(V) Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment.
Handing over of cricketing equipments to Schools in Trincomalee
Constructing a library building at the Dutuwewa School.
Cleaning up of school premises at Jayapura, Trincomalee
Handing over of limbs to disabled soldiers
Donations to the SL Army in Vavniya